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COVID-19: Service Update

Following advice from NHS England, Public Health England and South Western Ambulance Service we are relived to announce that our medics will be able to continue to provide a voluntary emergency care service for patients in Dorset.

We have modified some practices to accommodate enhanced infection control precautions. This has included the acquisition of enhanced Personal Protective Equipment and extra cleaning supplies. Our medics work under the control of South Western Ambulance Service and are well-placed to receive updates as and when this pandemic develops.

We wanted to reassure our patients and their families that we will be on-hand to care for you in these times should you require our enhanced medical expertise. If needed we will do this in a way which will best protect you, your family and us from infection.

Our NHS is likely to come under increasing pressure over the coming weeks. We would like to add our voice to the rest by asking that you do what you can to avoid adding to that pressure. Avoid risky behaviour, keep up your current medical treatment, keep an eye on each other, adhere to Government rules on interactions, lockdown and self-isolate if symptomatic. For medical advice you can contact your GP or NHS 111 service. If you need emergency or -life-saving treatment then call 999 and ask for "ambulance".

Our programme of education and fundraising events has been placed on hold pending future developments. All of our medics operate under contract to South Western Ambulance Service. At this time we cannot recruit or deploy additional volunteers to our service due to the training and equipment required to assure our clinical capabilities.

This is an national emergency without precedent in many or our lifetimes. Please help us to help you. We sincerely hope you all stay safe and to see all our supporters again soon.

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