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Country Fayre date for BASICS Dorset

This weekend saw one of the toughest days for BASICS medics in Dorset. A planned relaxing Saturday at home was quickly sunk as Dr Katie was called out on several occasions by South Western Ambulance Service to attend critically ill patients in remote parts of the county. Fortunately Sunday brought a much lower tempo day in the form of the Margaret Green County Fayre.

Two of BASICS Dorset's founders have been long-time supporters of Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre at Church Knowle. Their annual Summer Fayre and Dog Shows are highlights in the local social calendar. It was at these events in 2017 that BASICS Dorset launched its public fund raising campaign. Since then, BASICS Dorset volunteers have returned to provide first aid cover for the events.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue have been rescuing and rehousing animals in Dorset for over 50 years. Like us they are dependent upon public support to deliver their service to the county. Add to this the beautiful location, abundance of fluffy animals and great ice creams and you can see why we like to support this event!

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