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BASICS Dorset Hosts Pre-Hospital Education Evening

The first in a series of education evenings for emergency clinicians has been held by BASICS Dorset in Hamworthy. These events are aimed at the pre-hospital medical community here in Dorset to provide professional development, raise awareness of and funding for BASICS. Its also a great opportunity for our emergency medics to socialise outside of their shift patterns.

Ambulance crews, trainee paramedics, community responders, nurses and local doctors packed out the lecture room at Hamworthy community fire station for the session enttitled "Lessons From The Road". Local doctors and paramedics delivered a series of first-hand case studies, sharing their valuable lessons and experience.

The evening was opened by Dr James Hickman from SAVES (via video) and ED matron Bruce Hopkins and a recounting of the dramatic accident that inspired the founding of BASICS Dorset. They were followed by SWAST paramedic Kelvin Crocker who delivered an excellent account of his handling of an unusual paediatric cardiac arrest. A BASICS doctor had also been called out to that patient and the audience were treated to an in-depth analysis from 2 very experienced clinicians.

A local GP presented a case of Impact Brain Apnoea he had attended as a bystander in London. This condition is often difficult to recognise - even in hospital - as it mimics other traumatic brain injuries. The night was rounded off by BASIC DORSET's own Dr Katie Muscroft with a story of a patient with Acute Behavioural Disorder requiring pre-hospital sedation. This condition is dramatic, can be dangerous for rescuers and life-threatening to the patient if not dealt with correctly. It is a condition that BASICS medics are able to help out with in the community.

The venue was packed to capacity with many sadly left on the waiting list. Building on thsi success we will be holding future events at a larger venue just as soon as we find one!

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