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PCE lights up BASICS Dorset

Dorset's first BASICS reponder has been given a full blue-light makeover thanks to a generous donation for Premier Communication Electronics in Exeter. Our BASICS doctors use their own private vehicles to answer emergency call-outs. With their driver training they can respond to life-threatening emergencies on "blue lights" - but only if the car is fitted with them.

PCE are specialist fitters and suppliers of emergency vehicle warning systems. When they heard that the new BASICS Dorset charity was up and running in the neighbouring county the got in touch to offer us some assistance. Thanks to a heavily discounted offer, BASICS responder SD05 has had their car upgraded will a full concealed fit of warning lights and a multi-tone siren.

Andy from PCE: "Thrilled to be able to help medical response charity BASICS extend their service into Dorset. Responder, Dr Katie Muscroft now has her vehicle fully equipped with lights and sirens and is ready to help save lives in the county."

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