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A patient suffered a stab wound during a late-night assault in the East Dorset urban area. BASICS were alerted by the 999 call handler and based on information provided decided to attended. They reached the scene together with an ambulance crew 7 minutes after the call. On arrival the patient was conscious but suffering from a collapsed lung and serious blood loss. The doctor performed a a surgical intervention to reinflate the patients lung. The patient was then extracted to the ambulance where they were met by a HEMS team who had just landed nearby. The HEMS team escorted the patient by land to the nearest Major Trauma Centre for treatment.

One summer evening, BASICS were requested to assist the Coastguard with a patient in East Dorset. The RNLI lifeboat had rescued a swimmer in difficulty from Poole Bay and were concerned about their condition. A BASICS doctor and paramedic crew met the lifeboat at a suitable jetty. The patient was suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion. The doctor was able to ascertain that the patient was stable enough to transport to hospital for treatment and observation. 

An RTC in the New Forest resulted in an elderly patient becoming trapped in the wreck of their vehicle. BASICS Dorset were the closest advanced medic available and attend at the request of the Ambulance Service. On arrival they found the patient to have some painful but minor injuries. The Fire & Rescue Service would need a couple of hours to safely extract the patient due to the severe damage to the vehicle. Our doctor gave enhanced analgesia to ease them through the rescue and constantly monitored the patient. Once recovered the patient was taken by paramedic crew to the nearest hospital for treatment.

A paramedic crew requested assistance from BASICS one morning in the Poole area. They were attending a patient who had sustained a broken limb after a fall at home. Whilst the patient was stable, they were in excruciating pain and facing a difficult extraction to the ambulance. BASICS Dorset medics attended and administered enhanced analgesia to relieve the pain. The patient was carried safely to the ambulance and escorted to the nearest hospital for onward care.

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